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Mechanical Code Locks in Abergavenny

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Mr locks Abergavenny fit Mechanical code locks providing a low to medium cost solution for controlling access to areas within offices, warehouses, schools, colleges, universities, care homes, leisure clubs and many other buildings in the Abergavenny area.

As the name suggests a numerical code is entered to gain access to a building or area within a building. These codes can be changed on a regular basis as required.

Traditionally Unican (now Kaba) were the main suppliers of these locks. Although in recent years many good quality brands of mechanical code locks are supplied by Mr Locks in the Abergavenny area such as Code Locks, Borg and others.

So if you need any type of Mechanical Code Lock in Abergavenny, Call Mr Locks your local Abergavenny Master Locksmiths free on 01873 739418. Mobile users can also call on 07976 961473.